Acumatica Cloud ERP Connects Companies

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning software gives you real-time insights about your business. Integrate business management applications in finance, distribution, project accounting and customer relationship management with Acumatica Cloud ERP.



Financial Management

The Financial Management suite lets you manage all your accounting functions in one place. Handle day-to-day needs and quarterly or annual financial statements that’s fully integrated with other Acumatica suites. Streamline operations with automation and workflow tools that let you close the books faster. Use the centralized database to have a single source of financial truth with support for multiple currencies, languages and locations. Migrate historical data from legacy systems, including balances, amounts and dates without affecting your general ledger.

The Financial Management suite includes applications for:

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Cash Management

  • Currency Management

  • Tax Management

  • Recurring Revenue Management

  • Intercompany Accounting and Reconciliation

  • Fixed-Asset Management

  • Payroll Management

  • Human Resources Management

Distribution Management

Supply chain management is critical for business success. With the Distribution Management suite, you’ll have more accurate ordering and better customer satisfaction with a deeper understanding of your entire supply chain. Integrate data with financial and sales areas to create more visibility across the organization.

The Distribution Management suite gives you a clear idea of the status of your business. Use the apps to automated purchasing functions, letting you know where materials are at any time. Automated sales orders and warehouse, returns and credit limits lower order times. Improve customer service and lower inventory with real-time access to available inventory, reorder quantities, inventory in transit and improved processes.

  • Applications in the suite include:

  • Advanced Inventory

  • Sales Order Management

  • Purchase Order Management

  • Requisition Management

  • Advanced Financials

  • Advanced Fulfillment



Project Accounting

Managing day-to-day financials for projects and understanding profitability and impact are at the core of the Project Accounting suite. Track the costs of labor, materials, services and inventory. Create variable billing rates for employees, customers, types of work and projects. Track revenue based on project completion rates or progress milestones.

Because projects can be fluid, use budget reporting to track actual project costs (whether inventory, labor, non-stock items or services) with original and revised budget estimates in real time. Create and document change orders to project scope, including revenue, costs and commitments, with workflows for approvals that provide visibility and audit trails. Use the suite to coordinate quotes with sales and customer relationship management teams.

Project Accounting applications include:

  • Project Cost Tracking

  • Advanced Billing

  • Time and Expense Management

Customer Relationship Management

Manage leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts to deliver exceptional customer service with integrated information from sales, finance and accounting. With Acumatica, your CRM is not a separate module but connected to other suites. Keep all customer records in one database, including marketing, quotes, sales, delivery, support, billing and contact information. All your employees benefit from a 360-degree view of each customer.

For your sales team, the suite provides dashboards and real-time sales data to track progress. Marketing analytics shed light on campaign costs and associated revenue. Empower customers with online tools that give them access to information and help. The suite also offers an add-in for Microsoft Outlook and synchronization with Salesforce.

Apps in the Customer Relationship Management suite are:

  • Sales Automation

  • Integrated Marketing

  • Service and Support Automation

  • Customer Self-Service Portal




With Acumatica Cloud ERP, your company and employees have more functionality, more flexibility and more access to information. Transform how your company operates with better information that’s accessible immediately, provides full transparency and is centrally managed and inexpensively maintained.

The Cloud ERP gives you solutions that work from anywhere. Access all the suites from any mobile device or operating system, allowing employees to access information no matter where they are. The mobile apps look and perform like on a desktop. There’s also easy scalability as your company grows, giving you fast access to more storage or functionality that you need.

You can customize the modules functionality, visuals or database at the company level. Employees can use intuitive tools to build reports, modify workflows, create user-defined fields or change their screen appearance.