Acumatica SaaS Eases Hosting Headaches

Use Acumatica Software as a Service (SaaS) for financially predictable, scalable hosting that eliminates the costly tasks of buying and maintaining hardware and software. With Acumatica SaaS, your Acumatica solution is protected, accessible and available.



Public Cloud Hosting

Small- and medium-sized businesses use Software-as-a-Service to gain enterprise-class solutions without the expenses of a typically complex deployment. Hosting your Acumatica system on Amazon Web Services lets you access all the applications on a web browser on any device connected to the Internet. There’s no massive investment in hardware and software that needs to be installed, configured and maintained.

With Acumatica SaaS, Acumatica manages common administrative tasks for you, including software updates, data backups, system tuning, monitoring and maintenance. Why use Acumatica and not a private cloud solution that’s hosted on premises? First, their service level agreements give you far greater benefits than other external hosting providers and Acumatica provides disaster recovery, backups, high availability rates, software updates and application management to help keep your business online, all the time.

Predictable Billing

Through our partnership with Algorithm, Inc. Exceptional Software Solutions will configure, implement and support your Acumatica solution including training your employees on the features.

Your annual subscription fee includes all hosting costs, updates and upgrades and built-in automated disaster recovery backups.

If you need additional storage, we’ll work with you to find the right solution for expanding your capacity. You can upgrade or downgrade your resource levels or make changes to your SaaS at any time with 30 days written notice.

Acumatica does not charge by the user. Exceptional Software Solutions staff can help you determine the amount of load you’re likely to put on the system, expected transaction levels and peak usage patterns to help you choose the right resource level to purchase.



Performance Reliability

If you’re going to use a cloud-based SaaS, you want assurances that your applications will be operating continuously. Acumatica reserves resources to provide a consistent performance, especially at peak times. Acumatica and Exceptional Software Solutions work together to identify and resolve – quickly – any issues with connectivity or speed.

In addition to prompt customer services, your system operations are monitored closely 24/7. Acumatica uses strict performance guidelines and monitoring tools that automatically alert engineers if performance or other operating standards are not being met.

Need a sandbox? No problem. Acumatica Sandbox, which is a separate copy of your Acumatica environment, allows dev teams to test new customizations, roll-outs and solutions in the Sandbox before deploying in your actual Acumatica system.

Automated Backups

Acumatica gives you two ways to protect your data. The solution automatically backs up your data. If you need a copy, you can request it via a per-copy fee or subscribe to an optional annual subscription-based backup access service.

The database snapshot feature gives you the ability to take an image of your company and restore it later. Every snapshot is a comprehensive copy of your database, though you will need available storage capacity for the snapshot to work.

Your data is backed up in another geographical zone. In the case of a natural disaster or cyber attack, in the unlikely event that the primary data center hosting your data is inaccessible, Acumatica activates its fail-over recovery procedure. Your service will resume using an alternate data center site and stay protected during the disaster.



Robust Security

Businesses of all kinds and sizes are vulnerable to cyber attacks today. That’s why Acumatica uses rigorous security measures. For example, Acumatica stores each subscriber’s data in a separate database. Data is not stored on user’s computers or devices; once data is requested only small portions are stored briefly in a web browser.

Intrusion detection systems detect any hacking activity that’s trying to compromise your data’s availability, confidentiality or integrity. If there’s an attempt to circumvent security controls, the intruder is locked out of the system and investigation begins to identify and apprehend the perpetrator.

Acumatica uses anti-virus software to monitor your SaaS environment. These apps prevent, detect and remove viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, browser hijacks, keyloggers and other malicious attacks.