Macola ES 9.7.30 is here!


The new Macola ES release features 70+ updates empowering users to more efficiently and seamlessly access the information they need to do their jobs.

We’ve waited more than a year and now the ES update is here!

Macola ES is the core ERP functionality of Macola 10. Since 1999, Macola has been a tried-and-true industry software, and is recognized as the leading ERP solution for SMB manufacturing and distribution organizations. And it just got better. We have waited over a year for an upgrade and its finally here!


The new release of Macola ES addresses everything from sales orders to shipping. ES 9.7.30 represents the first major ERP release in over a year and provides over 70 updates and enhancements to the inventory and supply chain management capabilities as well as to the sales order experience.

Our top five favorite features inside ES 9.7.30

We’re excited about this winter Macola ES software release. Here are five of the many reasons why we love it:

#1 Process enhancements to help streamline the shop floor which now allow users to:

• Easily modify your released order plan cost
• Control outside processes and how they affect PO
• Update material allocation status on the shop order
• Make allocations for scrapped material
• Add obsolete items to shop floor orders

#2 Enhanced online ordering features, insight and reporting for faster order creation, billing and fulfillment with:

• Simplified order creation and tracking
• Faster order fulfillment
• Fast-tracking of orders to immediate invoicing and processing
• Blanket order capabilities

#3 Improved inventory management to help convert single order customers into repeat customers: with:

• Streamlined generation of shop orders
• Better master audit features
• More insight into product cost
• The ability to see serial/lot information pertaining to an individual item

#4 Enhanced reporting features. Macola ES now has a variety of new features to access and interpret data with:

• Customized employee history totals on reports
• Better workers’ compensation history reports
• Enhancements to back order reports
• Enhanced capabilities on item transaction history reports
• Better vendor performance analysis report capabilities

#5 Electronic Banking and Security features to better accommodate global customers with:

• Enhanced accounts payable features for PO and authorizing payments
• Electronic bank routing to include Canadian and other international banks
• Added software security features

Enhanced. Efficient. Effective.

All of this means that you will now have much more capability to automate, manage and grow your business. Macola ES will help you take control of the complexities and costs of every critical stage of your process and operations — from design to delivery.



With this latest ERP update, Macola ES focuses on empowering users to more efficiently and seamlessly access the information they need to do their jobs. It’s a crucial factor — the software is matched to how employees do their jobs, not the other way around. This latest version is very easy to update from other versions you are currently running.

Kimberley Kelly