Social Collaboration Inside Exact Synergy


Being bombarded with messages from social media and email can stunt worker productivity. Exact Synergy allows you to keep up with the conversation by allowing you to save and store business messages shared from specific work groups, in a secure environment, so you have the information you need, exactly when you need it.



Exact Synergy combines communication platforms into one streamlined environment

What would you say if we could place all those 500 emails, social media messages, texts, and other forms of communication into one easy platform that lets you save and retrieve messages instantly? The collective sigh of relief can be heard throughout offices around the world.

Seriously, who has time to go through all that information when you need details about current projects, customer issues, or shipping deadlines? There are too many disparate communication platforms that lack cohesive interconnectivity.

Unfortunately, selecting one mandatory form of communication for your SMB departments and mobile teams can lead to employee pushback. EY determined that when an organization institutes a company-wide transformation program, roughly 80% of the time, the program will fail. Why? Employees are used to searching out solutions on their own to address social communication. They select the programs and technology that best fit their work and preferences. They are loath to buy into other programs that they have never used before. With communication collaboration so important to 58% of SMBs, finding a workable solution is paramount.

Exact Synergy seeks to combine communication platforms into one workplace application that employees already trust, offering Social Collaboration tools built right into the program. When you are dealing with complex business environments, employees anywhere will be able to communicate in a safe and secure location that you - as the SMB owner - control.



Exact Synergy's Social Collaboration: Bridging the Communication Gaps.

Exact Synergy's Social Collaboration 2.0 allows employees to share information with others anywhere in specialized timelines and groups. Social feeds go only to those with pre-selected areas of interest; people who don't require the information can be skipped over so they don't find their inboxes cluttered with unnecessary messages.

The Social Collaboration feature can be used on both mobile devices and PCs, and the messages can be stored for later use. By storing messages in the same location with project details, manufacturing orders, and customer sales contracts, Exact Synergy provides the organization with data while securing the conversation. Employees won't have to pop into different applications to find the required messages because they can access everything in one spot.



How Does Exact Synergy's Social Collaboration Work?

Sounds great, but how does Social Collaboration work from the SMB's point of view?

One of the best things about Social Collaboration is that it has familiar social media features that you've probably already used. If you have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, you'll easily be able to use the Social Collaboration feature as you write posts or read those created by other departments and global employees because you can like and share the message. You can place emojis or tags in the conversation that will be shared with your particular group.

You can even post pictures and images.

But wait there's more! :)

You can also perform refined searches using hashtags in messages. Social Collaboration displays a trending column of the five most frequently used hashtags, so you can stay informed simply by clicking on a hashtag to view messages (including hidden messages).

Another incredible feature allows you to embed feeds into your group timeline feeds and other places, including workspaces or portals for customers or suppliers. Simply embed the feed by using the embed widget to get the feed code.




Exact Synergy’s Social Collaboration provides you the familiarity of social media with the archival needs of the business world. You can share all messages in one location, so no information gets lost or misplaced. Only specified individuals and groups will get the message, then they will be able to store the message with distinct work projects and other tasks so the information will be available as they work. And, as an SMB owner, you can feel confident that customer and company information isn't being blasted over public social media platforms for the rest of the world to see.