That’s a wrap — 2017 in review


We’re counting down the top 10 most popular Exact solutions and Macola Software ERP resources of 2017.

Each month during 2017, we featured product announcements, technology tips and tricks, how-to’s and advice along with and customer success stories on products like Macola 10, Exact Synergy, Exact Globe, and Progression. In this last blog post of the year, we’re counting down the top 10 most popular stories and resources this year.

Here we go, starting with . . . . . .

#10 — Discover your firm’s perfect ERP

Perhaps you’re looking to help the team understand why upgrading to a modern ERP is essential to your 2018. Or maybe you’re working to get everyone adopted to the new system.

Use this infographic as a tool. It will help each user better understand the need and to apply that same curiosity and precision to your firm’s manufacturing process with an upgraded #ERP.

#9 —eBook: Everything You Need to Know About Exact Globe Next ERP


Exact Globe Next is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution used by thousands of organizations worldwide to run their businesses. In this eBook by Exceptional Software Solutions LLC, we present:

  • Five businesses that benefit from Exact Globe Next ERP
  • Software reviews
  • Customer success stories

· Why Exact Globe helps SMBs go global

· And more!

#8 — Yep, they got it: How AMI Bearings, Inc. keeps 50K interchangeable parts, in stock all the time.

With an extraordinary amount of options, volume and inventory to manage across multiple warehouses, AMI Bearings, Inc. chooses Exact Macola ES as its ERP system to help get the job done.

Unlike its competitors, AMI offers a virtually endless line of bearings products that interestingly are always available as “standard.” It’s how customers get the bearing they need with the right type of locking device, lubricant, sealing and rings without the wait. And that means keeping 50,000parts in stock, all the time.

#7 — No Hands Accounting in Exact

We have entered a new era of business software. Artificial intelligence and voice-activated robots have redefined what the collective global knowledge base can achieve. Using “No Hands Accounting” with Exact you’ll now be able to administrate faster, with greater accuracy and much less effort.

Watch and learn how Exact products utilize the latest in machine learning and analytics to reduce manual accounting inputs.

  • Use resources more effectively
  • Optimize both human and technological resources
  • Improve performance from order entry to shipping
  • Deliver value with improved on-time performance and less work in progress

#6 Sales tax resource guide

This guide, from our friends at Avalara, highlights many of the big changes in the works, from new taxes on soda to untapped revenue streams from marijuana sales and more.

Did you know? Avalara helps make sales tax compliance simple and automatic for businesses of all sizes. As a Macola software companion product, their end-to-end suite of solutions automatically determines taxability, identifies applicable tax rates, accurately calculates taxes, prepares and files returns, remits taxes, maintains tax records, and manages tax exemption certificates.

#5 — How Exact Synergy CRM helps cement customer relationships

We’re living in an attention economy, an economy where attention is scarce. The world has become a great deal noisier too — just check your inbox for evidence.

On top of that, it’s estimated that a single day’s worth of tweets could fill a 10-million-page book or 8,163 copies of “War and Peace.” So, if you’re fortunate enough to get your customer’s attention, you’ve got to make use of it. Data insights from Exact Synergy CRM inside Macola 10 helps SMBs engage customers wherever they are — and delight them at every step. Learn how using the CRM feature (Exact Synergy) inside Macola 10 can be integral in capturing precious customer attention.


# 4 — Macola Software releases update 10.5.600

In release 10.6, the Macola Software team focused on an enhanced order entry module designed for more rapid creation of orders. Doing so they bring more than 120+ enhancements and updates to users.

Macola 10.6 goes further to provide manufacturing and distribution organizations the tools and processes they need to automate and grow their businesses including on-demand data and insights. Experience the new features.


#3 — It’s Upgrade Season! Macola 10 BOGO promotion.


Progression users get 2 for 1 licenses or 20% off by upgrading to Macola 10. Offer expires December 31, 2017. This deal gives you an opportunity to upgrade from Exact Progression to Macola 10 at serious savings* even your CFO can smile about. Macola 10 offers access to comprehensive features, a robust app store, support and productivity tools for everyone in your operation. With discounted pricing and fantastic freebies, this is a promotion you don’t want to miss. See the top 5 reasons to upgrade right now.


#2 — Business agility for all.

Real-time data, statistics and access to information has truly become the new normal. We even have a phrase for it — big data. Technology companies aren’t the only organizations quickly adapting to changing market dynamics and customer priorities. Manufacturers are responding quickly by using mobility to compete in their prospects’ and customers’ time frames while delivering greater value in less time than before. Learn how accelerated data collection and API/web services integration are driving business agility mobility is the real magic of ERP.


# 1 — Sweet Success: How Food Ingredients, Inc. blended Macola 10 into its operation.


Wisconsin-based food manufacturer upgrades to Macola 10 with sweet results — reduced order processing times, labor cost control and less material waste.

President Brad Dettman shared these words about the upgrade-”The ease of doing functions is greatly improved. The number of orders our customer service team can process has tripled. We had a step-by-step checklist with 12 things to do in processing an order. Now, that is down to

to four or five tasks, saving us a lot of time. And we hope to get the 10-minute order processing time down to two minutes. Also, our month-end processing time has been cut in half. Our finance team really likes that!”-

And that’s a wrap!

With some of the world’s leading Exact Macola and Synergy experts on our team, we love to create solutions for your ERP technology problems. That’s why its been extra special for us this year sharing insight, product updates, customer success stories and technical tips and tricks. As we close out the year, we want to thank you for following us and wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and wonderful new year.