Mobile-Oriented Macola 10.6 — look under the hood.


Macola Software releases update 10.6. with new features and functionality to give users a faster more efficient sales and order experience.

  Derek Ochs, director of development, Macola Software

Derek Ochs, director of development, Macola Software

Macola 10.6 is here!

In release 10.6, the Macola Software team focused on an enhanced order entry module designed for more rapid creation of orders. Doing so they bring more than 120+ enhancements and updates to users.

"With Macola 10.6, we’ve taken further steps to provide manufacturing and distribution organizations the tools and processes they need to automate and grow their businesses. This means delivering on-demand data and insights, easily accessible on their device of choice.” — Derek Ochs, director of development, Macola Software

 Wondering about the system requirements to run Macola 10.6?  Download the specs sheet.

Wondering about the system requirements to run Macola 10.6? Download the specs sheet.

Release 6.0 highlights:

  • Special focus on tablets favored by manufacturing & wholesale distribution companies for more visibility into binned, serialized and lotted items
  • Desktop client enhancements now support customer credit and account hold status, along with expanded bank account fields for Canadian users
  • WMS enhancements continue to support real-time insight into inventory and shop floor information with new screen designs and views for Directed Picking
  • Users now have a deeper view into order processing with the addition of a progress bar. The progress bar clearly illuminates what action has occurred with an order; what action is next; and what actions are remaining. (Customer service teams will love this feature!)

Big benefits for small-to-medium size business.

Macola 10.6 goes further to provide manufacturing and distribution organizations the tools and processes they need to automate and grow their businesses including on-demand data and insights.

Here are our favorite features in the new release:

#1. Faster order entry, billing and fulfillment– On time delivery is key. That’s one reason why we’re so excited about the new features and design of the order entry screen. More than 18+ enhancements have been added to the order entry module so users can more rapidly create orders, wherever they are, on whatever device. Orders can then be fast tracked for immediate invoice processing. Data can be located faster, with the addition of new order entry tabs, and greater detail can be viewed on mobile devices. This allows users to get in and out of the application quickly, minimizing application navigation times.

#2. Simplified order tracking –A progress bar has been added to the top of every order to provide order statuses at-a-glance, increasing the speed to deliver answers to customers.

#3. Improved inventory management– A new tab has been added to show serial/lot information pertaining to an individual item.

#4. Simplified API– Macola 10.6 continues to build upon the REST API architecture introduced into version 10.5, featuring an enhanced mobile-first user interface (UI) with an improved user experience (UX) across multiple devices — especially tablets.

#5. Updated screens — Macola 10.5.0 introduced four new screens: Item Snapshot screen; Order Entry screen; Order Inquiry screen; and Directed Picking screen. These screens have been redesigned in Macola 10.6.0.

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