Macola 10.7 Software Release

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New features tackle the dreaded "version creep" so small business owners can customize the ERP on their terms.

Were you just thinking to yourself the other day, "Hey, I wonder when the new version of Macola 10 will roll out?"
Well, it is here! Macola 10.7 just and it is chock full of all the good stuff you still love about your old ERP software while adding enough new features to make you feel giddy inside. The new enhancements target three aspects of business management software: extension customization, an expanded Macola ecosystem, and usability enhancements. Let us dive right in and see what exciting benefits are packaged in with this new ERP.


Extension Customization: Finally, an End to Version Lock

One of the things that always turned off small business owners from investing in an ERP system has been the dreaded "version lock" that prevented customization as well as expansion to the next ERP version. Instead, old ERP users became locked into their current version. While the current software tried to offer every type of feature under the sun, there could have been newer enhancements in a more recent upgrade that the business owner wanted. However, making the switch to the new system became overly complicated. In addition, trying to change the code in the old ERP software led to business owners breaking the existing system. So not only where business owners afraid to purchase ERP software, they were afraid to upgrade their old ERP systems due to this version lock.

Now with Macola 10.7, version lock is history. According to Derek Ochs, Director of Software Development at Macola Software at the EVOLVE 2018 Event, "We have fixed [version lock] here with an open architecture, so that there is a way that you can extend the system without it breaking every time you upgrade.” Now, business owners can find more scalability with their Macola software whenever their business needs grow and expand.

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Expanded Macola Ecosystem

Third-party app usability has become the norm with every type of software that is created. It should also be available with your ERP software. The just released Macola 10.7 allows for even more add-ons to be used with this ERP version without breaking the system. According to Derek Ochs, you now have over 200 API functions available to use (newly created ones will be made available in the Apple Store). So system integrators can scour for the latest and greatest open-source plug-ins to increase the functionality of Macola 10.7 so that it will do more for your particular business.


Usability Enhancements

Macola 10.7 also went through some additional redesign so processes are more streamlined, which can only make the user experience enjoyable. Some of the new enhancements you will immediately see will include:

  • Features and Options Configurator: speeds up order entry and makes the system more easy to use
  • At-a-glance Status Indicator: real-time data information regarding order status details
  • Multiple Division Toggling: ending workflow disruption by allowing you to toggle between each division.
  • Simplified Processes: billing, order entry, quote features, order search, order filtering, credit memo creation, and other processes are now more simplified so they will do what you want them to do



See the new Macola 10.7

These are just a few of the new enhancements that have been introduced with the latest ERP version from Macola. If there was ever a better reason to upgrade or to enter the ERP universe, it is with the Macola 10.7 release. Here at Exceptional Software Solutions, we can show you just what Macola 10.7 can do for your business endeavors. Contact our technical staff today to get a demo of this exciting ERP software solution.

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