Warehouse Automation Between Multiple Location Points for Efficient Supply Chains

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Part 1: By placing real-time data solutions into the workers' hands, WISY helps companies combine ERP and WMS for Smart Warehouse Operations 

"Where is the merchandise?" No small or medium sized business wants to hear such words from a customer. Modern manufacturing operations are designed to address shipping processes at every step of the supply chain -- from order entry processing to pallet shipments loaded on delivery trucks. However, operational disconnects happen between back offices, warehouse floors and distribution centers that can slow down the entire process. So how do you tackle the disruption that happens between manufacturing processes, warehouse operations and supply chains?

Meet our friends at WiSys who are helping to introduce smart warehouse technologies to SMBs and distributors. They offer WiSys Warehouse Management System (WMS), which is a warehouse and supply chain integration technology so companies can harvest real-time data throughout their supply chains and use it more efficiently to make the best business decisions.  Our two-part series will walk you through how this solution will optimize your Macola software to higher levels of productivity. Part one focuses on 

WiSys Warehouse Management System Solutions

Allowing Workers to Make Better Decisions on the Warehouse Floor

A unique challenge that SMBs and distributors face is when they attempt to track inventory at multiple warehouse locations. When searching for a particular product or shipment, you have to search through present warehouse inventory numbers, which may not be entirely accurate due to the number of processed orders that are happening throughout the day. So you have to contact each warehouse location separately for actual inventory numbers. You either call them directly for the information, which slows down productivity as workers get pulled from their present jobs to scan barcodes and look up shipping documents, or you have to access each warehouse database system separately. It's not the most efficient way to gain a real-time snapshot of your available inventory (to say the least!). Such inefficiencies can also cripple a SMB or distributor during times of crises when there is a natural disaster or business interruption.

WiSys WMS allows you to create better data integration as all your workers can access this real-time information anywhere and anytime on the warehouse and shipping floor. WiSys WMS fully integrates into Exact ERP software, as well as Macola 10 ERP and the older ES and Progression software suites. By equipping your workers with WiSys tools, everyone can be responsible with accurately recording warehouse and shipping data that is placed into central computer network systems.

You'll speed up all your processes -- including warehouse management, inventory control, order processing, shipping and manufacturing -- by reducing the need for tedious data entry to be performed at the end of the day. Instead, order processing, inventory picking and shipping data is updated instantly by workers during the time when those actions are being performed, called the first touch point in operations.


How WiSys WMS Works

Warehouse and distribution workers use WiSys WMS on a mobile handheld scanner, as well as other mobile devices. Your Exact ERP and Macola software wirelessly transmits inventory and shipping data to the scanner and back to centralized computer systems, updating your database the moment workers scan a barcode or input information into the scanner. The mobile handheld scanner can be used when fulfilling raw part orders for manufacturing production processes, receiving inventory shipments that must be placed onto the shelves, scanning products to complete customer orders, and building shipping pallets for customers.

In addition, WiSys also allows for smart label printing capabilities during inventory management and shipping processes. Workers can send label information from their mobile scanner to smart printers located throughout the warehouse floor. So they can have the labels when they need them without going to the office computer just to print one out.


Warehouse and Shipping Capabilities Offered by WiSys WMS

Real-Time Manufacturing Reporting

Do you know what your production lines are doing at this very moment? Well, you can with WiSys manufacturing reporting tasks. This application allows workers to input data entry information at the moment when processes take place. You'll know what materials were used for the item and at what stage of the production operations it is at during that very moment.

With enhanced reporting features, you can use the data transaction information regarding up-to-date job and labor work, job status, and manufacturing costs to create more accurate reports that give better transparency to modern manufacturing operations. You can use the WiSys Manufacturing Execution function with either the Production Order Processing (POP) module for Macola software, or the Shop Floor Control Production system in your Exact ERP Software.


Warehouse and Management Solutions for Smarter Inventory Tracking

Having greater control of your warehouse processes not only allows you to increase productivity at every area of your supply chain, but it also ensures business continuity in case problems arise that impact your SMB and distributor center. One of the top priorities for your warehouse is to always control the flow of materials when receiving the items at the warehouse dock to when the items are placed onto shelves. WiSYS WMS provides Agility Adaptable Framework tools to customize your ERP into specific workflows that are more aligned and adaptable to your specific operations.


The WMS software tools also allow for better tracing of materials at receiving. As each product serial number is scanned, the purchase order line information is filled in automatically or entered at this first touch point by the worker. So more accurate product inventory tallies are recorded and made accessible in the Macola ERP software. Workers can record inventory issues and receipts, as well as initiate inventory transfers to different warehouse locations while the product is in-route on delivery trucks.

There is so much more to talk about when it comes to using WiSys WMS with your Exact/Macola ERP software solutions. Stay tuned for a second installment where we will talk about how WiSys WMS and Macola software can improve shipping tasks in your supply chain to provide smart warehouse operations. Learn how this exceptional software can reduce the supply chain hurdles you may face while allowing your SMB to stay in compliance with industry shipping standards.