From Order to Pick: Shipping Methods made Easy by WiSys

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Order Management, Pallet Management and Shipping Logistics Made Simple with Mobile WiSys Automation

Welcome to the second installment in our two-part series as we talk about our friends a WiSys and their warehouse automation technologies that help streamline operations for small- to midsize businesses (SMBs) and distributor supply chains. Our first installment introduced WiSys and how this innovative warehouse management system helps to simplify modern manufacturing operations and receiving tasks. Our second part will focus on the shipping advantages your company can obtain with this exciting technology solution.

WiSys WMS Flexible Shipping Tools for More Automated Processes

Think about some of the issues that you face in your order and shipping departments. Are you having problems getting orders filled due to incorrect inventory numbers that create a slew of backorders and angry customers? Are you dealing with inaccurate order entry as warehouse staff are picking the wrong items off the shelves? Perhaps your shipping fulfillment leaves a lot to be desired as you simply don't know where orders are as they are somehow getting lost between the packing and shipping phases?

WiSys changes how you fill orders for customers with a robust warehouse automation system designed for your shipping logistics tasks. WiSys WMS speeds up the supply chain process while reducing order entry and processing errors. So your SMB or distribution company can meet desired deadlines while always having an accurate inventory and shipping count throughout your smart warehouse operations.


Greater Data Transparency and Scheduling for Orders

Order fulfillment accuracy that meets customer compliance standards is a top priority for every business. WiSys WMS allows you to create customized order processing workflows so it better captures the necessary data information that you use to complete customer orders based on their requirements. Make sales orders, log back orders and schedule warehouse inventory replenishment deliveries all through the WiSys and Macola software integration technologies. You also have the ability to import orders that are taken through online website marketplaces.

In addition, pick-ticket management is a breeze as WiSys WMS allows for your order management tools to integrate into your existing warehouse operations. You’ll be able to prioritize customer orders, create picking and shipping schedules based on your particular processes, and better manage back orders so customers don’t have to wait long for their shipments.

Track Pallets Anywhere


Part of the WiSys Agility Adaptable Framework module, Pallet Management transaction tools allow your workers to better track pallets during every phase of the supply chain. Once workers build a pallet, they scan the pallet ID with their mobile handheld scanner that is using WiSys. WiSys can be integrated with Macola or Exact ERP software for your Shop Floor Control Production system for real-time data sharing. You’ll know when a pallet is shipped, transferred and received at warehouse destinations. You can also track when the pallet is let down to place items into picking bins or track when items are added to a shipment.

Pallet Management transactions you can perform include:

  • Builds

  • Physical inventory

  • Letdowns

  • Receiving

  • Consolidation

  • Destruction

Shipping Logistics for Modern Manufacturing Operations

The global business world is expanding by leaps and bounds. To compete with larger corporations, your SMB or distribution center needs versatile shipping logistics operations to handle both the small shipments and the larger pallet transportation requirements. WiSys offers data entry made simple with WMS technology that effortlessly collects and records shipping order information on mobile devices to be instantly processed.

You also have access to advanced shipping functions, called Advanced Packing and Shipping (APS), for more complex transportation work. This system streamlines your packing tasks. You decide on the best packaging for the shipment, tell workers how to properly handle packing processes and inform them on how packages are to be placed on pallets as the information is relayed directly to the workers’ mobile handheld devices.

Whether you are dealing with inventory or shipping issues, you don’t have to let these problems impact your business continuity. WMS solutions offered by WiSys can easily integrate with Exact ERP software, and Macola software helps you to eliminate errors and redundant processes so your supply chain is more suitable to your specific applications.

Schedule a Demo

No small business or distributor has to do all the work by themselves and struggle through these operational growing pains. The cost-effective solutions are right at your fingertips with WiSys WMS and Macola software. Reach out to Exceptional Software Solutions for a free WiSys demo. We will show you how to reduce inaccuracies in orders, streamline your supply chain and have better inventory management. Schedule a demo today to see how WiSys and Macola can adapt to your operational needs, as the versatile software will help to create better business relationships with manufacturers, distributors, warehouses and other business partners that are important to your company. 

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