PowerPrint Makes Mobile Label Creation a Breeze

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How much time does it take for your worker to cross the warehouse during an average day to get a product label or shipping label from the office? Almost sounds like a trick question, until you actually time the distance from different picking zones and loading docks. Multiply the recorded time with each warehouse worker out on the floor for a day and add the numbers together. This figure represents the total number of lost minutes in warehouse productivity.

Our friends at Adaptive Data Inc. (ADI) are here to help speed up this process. ADI is the maker of PowerPrint, an auto identification and labeling technology designed to streamline warehouse and distribution centers. We are featuring this two-part series to introduce you to these great new mobile labeling features that will extend your Macola software to greater functionality and capabilities.


Less data errors and more label production accuracy right at your workers' fingertips

Say goodbye to the clipboards, checklists and paper documents. ADI PowerPrint consists of a printing system providing greater connectivity between different data sources such as handheld devices, RFID readers, barcode scanners, PDAs, mobile printers and network computers. Providing point-of-use printing, workers instantly create labels at mobile printers located throughout the warehouse. They can quickly place the labels on products and pick items for shipments or for the manufacturing floor. Workers no longer have to manually input lot and item numbers. Instead, real-time data information is transferred between devices. The ADI PowerPrint process reduces inaccurate inventory numbers and less label errors for items.


Reclaim your lost productivity time.  Adaptive Data Inc. (ADI) is streamlining your order entry processes, and relieving the aches in warehouse workers' feet, with PowerPrint. A companion solution to Macola ERP software, ADI PowerPrint mobilizes your workforce with automated smart label printing solutions. A SMB manufacturer and distributors looking to make the jump into the digital warehouse realm can print labels on the fly anywhere in the building.


How ADI PowerPrint Works for Manufacturers

ADI PowerPrint offers line-side printing, so the software integrates into your existing Macola 10 ERP software solution. You don't have to worry about having redundant software printing functions. Macola 10 has updated order entry, inventory and supply chain management features. Production floor supervisors, and warehouse workers can pull up item entry information right from tablets, laptops and other mobile devices. In Macola, workers access the Item Snapshot feature so they can see all item numbers and lot entries instantly. From this screen, the workers perform search and sort functions using real-time data.

When an order is placed by the manufacturing supervisor, order numbers are inputted into network systems as item information is automatically sent to mobile printers regarding the exact raw materials or parts required. Mobile printers list all the part items needed on the screen, and will print the corresponding label. Workers then travel a lesser distance to the part and place the label on the item. The items are moved to the desired tote location as the worker scans the barcode number. The barcode information is relayed from the handheld device to the printer and the computer system to update inventory information. Once all the items have been collected, they can be sent to the manufacturing floor. This process reduces order entry and picking errors.

Smart Label Creation for Faster Production Line Processes

Easier label creation and order picking increases your manufacturing capabilities. You reduce the time workers must go to centralized computer systems to obtain order information, then go over to printers to obtain labels, place labels on items, and go back to the office to enter the picked orders back into systems. Extend your Macola software functionality with the added benefits that ADI PowerPrint offers to manufacturers of all sizes.

Yet wait! We did mention that distributors can obtain similar benefits from ADI PowerPrint when integrated with their Macola 10 ERP software capabilities. Stay tuned to our next installment where you learn how distributors increase their operations to higher efficiency levels with ADI PowerPrint and Macola 10 ERP software to help with their product shipping and receiving operations.