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Adaptive Data Inc. Smashing Order Deadlines with PowerPrint Smart Printing

In our first installment, we examined how Adaptive Data Inc. (ADI) PowerPrint can extend your Macola software to manufacturing processes when retrieving the necessary parts and raw materials from warehouses. ADI PowerPrint increases your Macola ERP functionality to allow for mobile label printing functionality to reduce order picking errors and data entry inaccuracies. In this new installment, we check out how distributors are using ADI PowerPrint with Macola 10 ERP for better productivity in their shipping departments.

Your sales department is on fire as they are selling and cross-selling products left and right. Invoice orders stream through computer systems as warehouse employees scramble to get the right items shipped out and delivered before the deadline. During these busy times, more errors can slip into inventory or order processes. These errors cause shipment slowdowns and the possibility of the wrong items getting loaded on delivery trucks. Unhappy clients create stressful working environments for every department in the distribution network. 

ADI PowerPrint Increasing Macola ERP Distribution Applications

In this second installment, we look at how ADI PowerPrint tackles the distribution nightmare to reduce inventory waste, increase productivity, and ensure less errors enter warehouse processes. PowerPrint simplifies the receiving, picking and final shipping jobs by providing superior label printing capabilities for mobile printers and scanner devices.


One of the main issues with old warehouse legacy computers involves inventory accuracy. When multiple sales orders are processed, or product shipments arrive at the docks, distribution workers manually plug in product barcodes or RFID numbers. Then the workers have to go to a centralized computer system to update inventory management software and obtain labels. However, this slow process causes more errors to be introduced into data systems. Multiple workers can enter inventory data throughout the day while sales reps take orders. Since it can take time for computer systems to update to the correct information, duplicate data entries for arriving shipments or incorrect product inventory when picking orders may appear on computer screens.

ADI PowerPrint combined with Macola 10 ERP eliminates the manual inventory data input process by capturing necessary data information from sales orders and bill of lading documents. This combination software solution then accurately updates centralized computer systems automatically and prints required labels. Distributors can reduce inaccuracies while having the workers at the right places at the necessary times.

How ADI PowerPrint Works for Distributors

With Macola 10 ERP warehouse management software (WMS), you can perform all the processes from order entry to the billing of items. You can pull up the order invoice directly on any mobile device. Once you place in all product information, billing information and freight charges, you can produce quotes and easily change product amounts so the right number of items are shipped to the customer.


Once sales order processing is complete, ADI PowerPrint can shine its capabilities. Warehouse workers receive the order information to PDAs, tablets and even wearable devices thanks to Macola ERP interconnectivity. So workers don't have to go to the centralized computer system to obtain picking order lists. Workers walk to the appropriate shelves and scan product code information into handheld RFID readers. With ADI PowerPrint integration, the RFID reader can send the order information to the nearby mobile smart printer devices. The smart printer will create the shipping labels to place on products and shipping packages while updating inventory levels in real time.

Smart Printing at Your Mobile Device Fingertips

Don't just use it for shipping out orders. Extend your Macola software and ADI PowerPrint technology to the receiving end of the supply chain process. When shipments arrive, warehouse workers can use handheld scanners to input product information into Macola ERP network systems. The rugged mobile devices also send this product data to nearby mobile printers. The mobile printers can create product labels that workers can place on products and then move to the appropriate warehouse shelves.

Clear Warehouse and Distribution Hurdles with Mobile Capabilities

Errors in the supply chain can cause major disrupts to SMB manufacturer and distributors' operations. Avoiding these pitfalls will allow you to increase your production capabilities and reduce inefficiencies that is costing you time and money. The ADI PowerPrint companion solution to Macola ERP software targets the wasted time that workers engage in during inventory management, and introduces new mobile ways to label products. Cut down on the walk and instead speed up processes with this versatile solution.

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