Part 1: Exact Globe Spring ‘18 Release

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Quarterly software update release keeps you up to date on what’s new in Exact’s software, so you can continue to get the most out of Exact products.

By Exceptional Software Solutions LLC

Today welcome the Spring ’18 Release which is Exact’s first Seasonal Release. An effective ERP system can help with your business only when you actually know what it can do for you and you’re using all of its features. This article will present you all of the latest product innovations in large-scale updates for Exact Globe.

7 redesigned features of Exact Globe


We’re excited about this Spring’18 Exact Globe release. Here are 7 of our favorite new features and the many reasons why we love them:

“This Spring ‘18 Exact ERP release has a boatload of new features that will help your team get the most of out its ERP investment” - Tod Replogle - President of Exceptional Software Solutions LCC.


1. Sales order fulfillment for explode–fulfillment items is now more detailed.

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While delivering explode-fulfillment items a firm would usually deliver separate parts rather than a finished product because of safety. Exact has enhanced the fulfillment process for such items, saving time, manual work and preventing complaints due to missing parts. For example, if a firm manufactures bicycles, it would need aluminum, gears, wheels etc. The new enhancement allows firms to see the actual quantity of each item component item in a part or product. It saves a lot of time on searching for missing parts while manufacturing, it helps to order missing components only on demand and it’s really useful for inventory management. And that’s why we love this feature - it makes workflow easier, faster and more productive.

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2. Deeper reporting across the business and around the globe.

The ability to centrally manage data across multiple (international) subsidiaries sets the foundation for consolidated management reporting and company-wide analysis. It is now possible to manage cost centers, cost units, item units, warehouses and assortments via Exact Central Masterdata Management (CMDM) solution. See how the new solution works


3. Going global just got even easier.

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Do you deal with international demands on localization and changing regulations? Exact’s Spring ‘18 release adds even more localizations from Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, to get you expand your business beyond your borders. We love this feature because it gives much stronger multi-currency capability which is especially important for fluctuating markets and international support. The enterprise accounting solution is offered in 40+ countries and languages making it ideal for organizations looking to launch, expand or sustain international operations.

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4. Credit transfer improvement.

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The credit transfer functionality for Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) has been further improved. Exact Globe now supports single transaction grouping and they’ve made a new generic bank payment file available to support both the European and non-Euro credit transfers. Exact Globe Next leverages real-time financials with its multi-currency features. This is especially important for fluctuating markets. That’s why we love this new credit feature so much. Read more




5. Say hello to single sign-on!

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Federated Identity (or single sign-on) prevents employees from having to use numerous login credentials for different applications. In order to reduce the number of credentials, Exact Globe now supports REST service token-based authentication for Auth0 and Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD). We love this feature so much because of the security of single sign-on and it’s one less password to manage and remember! Read more


6. Log data and name-checking are now available for the bank statement import process.

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The bank statement import process can now be logged, allowing you to view the status of the bank statement import process and more information about the transaction.  And there are even more improvements. Exact improved the import of CAMT.053 bank statements. They’ve added an import validation that checks the name of the debtor or creditor in a bank statement. The feature allows us to reduce possible mistakes in bank statement import process which saves a valuable time. It allows us to be up to date on all the transactions and that why we love this improvement. Learn more



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7. Auto alerts of non-delivered emails.

A very useful feature in case of invoices, contracts or other important documents. Now you can receive e-mail notifications whenever an e-mail to your customers is delayed or couldn’t be delivered. No missed updates or unpaid invoices. The feature gives more clarity to a financial management. It also means that your team can resend necessary documents in time in case if there was a mistake so it saves a valuable time for the firm and its customers. Isn’t it a useful feature?



Checking the new features and constantly updating your ERP software can help your business to work more efficiently. It can drive both cost savings and business growth with the same or fewer headcount if you use it 100%.