Part 2: Exact Synergy Spring ‘18 Release

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Quarterly software update release keeps you up to date on what’s new in Exact’s software, so you can continue to get the most out of Exact products.

By Exceptional Software Solutions LLC

Welcome the Spring ’18 Release which is Exact’s first Seasonal Release. An effective ERP system can help with your business only when you actually know what it can do for you and you’re using all of its features. This article will present you all of the latest product innovations in large-scale updates for Exact Synergy CRM.


Spring’18 release brings 10 more reasons to love Exact Synergy

“This Spring ‘18 Exact ERP release has a boatload of new features that will help your team get the most of out its ERP investment” - Tod Replogle - President of Exceptional Software Solutions LCC.

Each Exact product has a lot of new features to present this season. Here are our top 10 favorite features of Exact Synergy:


1. No need to duplicate files from OneDrive anymore

You can now easily attach any file straight from OneDrive to documents in Exact Synergy. If before you needed to duplicate files from OneDrive to Exact Synergy now there is no need to do it anymore. This feature is one of the favorites because it saves time and prevents employees from using outdated or incorrect document versions. Everybody is using the same up to dated documents.


2. Now your software can be delivered through the cloud with Amazon Web Service (AWS)

The Exact Synergy and Exact Globe too product lines have been optimized for efficient use of AWS so you can use a fully managed private cloud service from Exact. Now when customers choose to run Exact solutions in their own private cloud environments with AWS, this provides them the ability to scale up and down and be flexible to their business operations without having to worry about buying and maintaining computer hardware. AWS provides flexible security, data privacy and reliable data storage that will benefit the customers of Exact, who choose this option.


3. Ease of collaboration and keeping institutional wisdom in one archived place

Synergy Office Integration (SOI) enables you to easily upload and share presentations, spreadsheets, appointments and more, directly via MS Office with co-workers in Exact Synergy. To better manage the authentication, Exact now supports the Auth0 password grant type in SOI. This is an awesome feature for audit preparation and compliance.


4. synergy is Social Savvy

Synergy’s social collaboration simplifies communication, creates alignment and improves knowledge sharing within your organization. To make a feature even savvier we have added polls, emoji’s, hashtags and likes so it easier to search messages. Also, group timelines on workspaces are shown now and the way of showing images and file on a timeline is improved also. The feature will make your communication more emotional and “alive” and that puts it to our top favorites.


5. New push notifications will not let you miss any event anymore

Synergy’s social collaboration makes coworker’s communication even more simple now. To instantly notify colleagues of timeline events, Exact Synergy now supports push notifications. Any time a message is posted, you’ll receive a push notification on your mobile. Handy, you’ll never miss a conversation!


6. Now you know who’s around?

Any customers, partners or suppliers located nearby worth paying a visit? We made our Synergy app context-aware. The mobile app uses GPS coordinates to match your location with your customers located nearby. Great feature for time management. It can help the company to plan meetings time better and saves valuable time for clients as well.


7. Make it personal

You can now define your personal default e-mail and navigation apps that the Synergy app should use through settings. So no need to search for and pick needed app every time, you just set it once and forget about it.


8. No need to set a lot of separated tasks for coworkers in a workflow.

Exact Synergy Spring ‘18 improvements allow involving others in a request assigned to you by remarking them. Remarking multiple coworkers no longer requires lots of separate actions, but can now be done in one go. It makes planning much more simple now. A manager just makes a plan and simply marks colleagues involved in the process - simple and easy.


9. Help to make the right hire.

Exact Synergy helps you to manage vacancies and track talents inside your company. It is now possible to link employees to multiple vacancies, saving time when existing employees apply for a new position within the company. So, the company can save time and money on a new worker adaptation.


10. Federated Identity Professional Services.

Federated Identity prevents your employees from having to use numerous login credentials for each of the applications they use. Now it is enabled a Federated Identity for those using Professional Services.



Checking the new features and constantly updating your ERP software can help your business work more efficiently. It can drive both cost savings and business growth with the same or fewer headcount if you use it 100%. Want to know more about the Exact Spring Release? Read about the 7 redesigned features of Exact GlobePART 1: EXACT GLOBE SPRING ‘18 RELEASE.