A Glimpse Of What The Future Holds For Exact


Exact's new CEO, Phill Robinson, is fixated on innovation. 

By Exceptional Software Solutions LCC.

In a recent interview with AccountantWeek, a leading Dutch financial publication, Exact’s new CEO, Phill Robinson discussed his views on innovation and the future of Exact. In this blog post, we are sharing with you some excerpts of the article translated from Dutch into English.


Phill Robinson, CEO Exact

Phill Robinson, CEO Exact

The conversation with CEO Phill Robinson started by expressing how essential innovation is for Exact:

“We’d like to tell the world about innovation, and then, let the companies know what our software can do. Perhaps at Exact, we are a little too modest, which is unjustified because we constantly innovate, more than 400 out of our 1500 employees are working full-time on innovation projects alone.”

Phill Robinson mentioned an example of the auditors' target group:

"350,000 companies do their accounting through Exact, but still 60 percent deliver a shoe box full of invoices and receipts to their accountant, especially in very small companies. Our mission is to help and empower all business owners to be able to know their numbers in real-time. It is a revolutionary idea in the industry, and we are working to make it possible.”

Robinson knows what he is talking about; he has been working in the software industry for more than thirty years. He started his career as a programmer at Oracle then went on to Silicon Valley. For the past two decades, he has helped companies like Salesforce, where he was the Chief Marketing Officer achieve explosive success and growth. In 2017, Phill was appointed as the new CEO of Exact.



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Exact was founded more than 34 years ago, supporting 350,000 smaller companies and more than 20,000 customers in the large-sized segment with ERP, HRM, CRM and financial software. "We have four main product lines with Globe, Synergy, Financials, and Online. We support our clients in all processes from international financial management to HRM, CRM but also at GDPR / AVG. For a 34-year-old company, it is tempting to rest on your laurels. Exact does not make that mistake. We will continue to progress” continued Robinson.

Exact has moved away from the “three divisions concept”:

"We have divested the Specialized Solutions division. We used the capital to refinance the company, and the company now has more firepower to make mergers and acquisitions deals (M&A). Recently we acquired Dièse Finance, a competitor of Exact Online. We have left that company active. As a standalone, we learn from each other's products. What else is on the M&A agenda? I do not want to say anything about that yet.”



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Source: AccountantWeek