Exact Synergy Sizzles in the New Winter ’19 Release

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More than 200 innovations to provide cost control solutions to SMEs

There's just so much going on with the new Exact Synergy this 2019. With the acquisition of ProQuro procurement software supplier and SRXP expense management software company, Exact is placing all the great features that these software suppliers provide into their updated Synergy suite. This quarter, the engineers focused on five main areas the CRM: accounting, payroll, social collaboration, record creation, and app functionality.

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Controlling Costs with Purchase-to-Pay

Finding a hidden cost on expense reports sends people scrambling in the accounting department looking for the right records. What was the cost for, who authorized it, and did it bring value to the company?

The new Purchase-to-Pay feature can answer these questions and much more. Obtain simplified budget management to further control costs without spending all your time hunting down invoices. You'll be able to see and identify all the costs to spot savings and possible efficiency improvements for the company. How’s that for better expense management!


Create Happy Employees with Payroll Accessibility

There's nothing worse than dealing with employees asking about when they are getting paid and if their annual statements are correct. Winter release ’19 unveils a more employee-friendly happy accounting environment.

With Synergy, accountants now can access automated digital feature to cut down on manual work, while automating notifications to employees. Alerts can now be pushed out to online employee portals and mobile apps to remind employees to check their pay stubs and payment statements.


Copy and Paste for Faster Record Creation

Your warehouse received a new product line from a manufacturer. This product may be similar in nature to another item that the manufacturer offers, but comes in a new dynamic color. When creating an inventory record for the new product line, Synergy speeds up the process for you with a new copy feature. Simply copy the info from the other inventory record that's already in the WMS system. The software will auto populate the old data into the new product's fields. So you cut down on administrative time doing this manual inventory task.


No Employee is Left Behind When Sharing Project Details and Company News

There's always that one employee who missed in the communication about changes to a project or just basic company news. Eliminate the need to provide recaps to bring everyone into the know. Synergy's social collaboration tools provides project timelines where employees can post information for everyone to read immediately and a self-service app so employees can share news to everyone in the company.

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New CRM App: Less Fuss and More Integration

Did you download the new CRM app yet? Well, it's here and it provides better CRM capabilities then the previous version. It has the same user-friendly look. Yet you can now see a timeline so you can communicate with different departments instantly, including the sales back office. It's available for both Windows and Android devices.


Cabin fever doesn't slow down the innovators at Exact.

Digital disruptions lead to the need to bring more digital offerings into customer relationship management. With these exciting new updates and company acquisitions, Exact Synergy aims to provide more innovations into a single app to make it easier for SMEs, accountants, and employees to get their work completed. See all the updates in Exact’s Winter Release’19. And— if you’re ready to test drive Exact, book a demo today!