Exact Spring '19 Releases Give Globe and Synergy Users More Power and Functions


The Spring 2019 update gives your users added apps and features for better cost control, warehouse management, collaboration and self-service

Is your enterprise resource planning solution giving you and your employees the tools they need to get the most out of your investment? With its Spring 2019 release, Exact adds more than 200 improvements and features to improve the way your teams collaborate and control costs.

These enhancements to Exact Globe and Exact Synergy give you more functionality, easier-to-use desktop and application tools, and more automation in your business processes. If your ERP is not delivering the updates that improve your business, take a closer look at what Exact's solutions offer.

Exact Globe

Exact Globe integrates financials, logistics, project management, warehouse management and service management in one platform. The Spring 2019 enhancements add new functions to make those integrations and operations even better.


Manage Purchase-to-Pay. 

With its 2018 acquisition of ProQuro, Exact offers more seamless integrations of financials and procurement. Take a proactive role in cost containment with a professional, cloud-based procurement management solution that gives you control. You can manage the entire process from the request to purchase a product or service to delivery to invoice payments.

If your ERP solution is not giving you the tools to reduce operational costs and manage purchasing processes, look at what Exact Globe offers.


Make Your Warehouse Smarter

Poor warehouse management can slow down your entire operation. Improvements to the Exact Warehouse Management System make it the clear choice for those companies whose warehouse management solutions are not delivering savings in time and money.

Exact WMS now lets you send jobs to your scanners automatically when a stock location needs attention. Warehouse employees will know what locations need to be replenished and from where. And Exact WMS now includes, in addition to our Windows CE scanner option, an Android app that can be used on commercial devices such as smartphones, tablets and PDAs.

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Simplify Secure Access

Exact Globe now features federated identity management, providing united authentication for users across different solutions without having to manage a large number of user IDs and authentication methods.


Improve Service Experiences

New features make it easier for your service technicians to deliver accurate invoices and improve the selection of parts and services. Exact Service Management now allows users to enter negative discounts based on price lists and agreements. When additional parts or services are added to an order, the application automatically finds the right warehouse based on the service technician.


Find It Faster

When you need to find an employee, account, document or project fast, you can now use the Quick Search function from the administration tab.

Exact's Spring 2019 improvements to Exact Globe give your company more control, functionality and efficiency.

Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy gives your business automated solutions and tools that improve your organization's most complex processes. Clients turn to Exact Synergy because it lowers the barriers between key business areas, including finance, sales, marketing and customer service. The Spring 2019 release features improved apps for customer relations management and employee self-service, better employee collaboration and a fast way to copy frequently used items. 


Connect with Customers

The Exact CRM app has been completely redesigned. It still delivers what you need to get a complete picture of your customers, including integrated calendar, sales prospects, workflows, contact information and social media. The latest upgrade integrates timelines and allows for instant communication with your back office. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10 operating systems.


Make Collaboration Easier

Exact Synergy offers social collaboration features that other ERP solutions can't touch. With the Exact social collaboration solution, your users can build work spaces and groups, create timelines and send notifications. Email and WhatsApp will be a thing of the past by offering your users communications and content stored in one place. The Spring 2019 release allows users to display a timeline for each project, making it even easier for team members to share information directly with each other.

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Empower Your Employees

Let your employees check personal human resources information and complete tasks from a mobile or desktop app. The Employee Self Service application lets your employees check their personal details, check on vacation and sick leave balances, see pay stubs or report a sick day, saving time for everyone in the organization. The new release offers improvements to the user interface and allows organizations to share news with employees with social media integration.


Make Copies Faster

The new release lets you copy the details of items to a new entry with just a few clicks.


Want to learn more about the Spring 2019 update?

Existing customers can download the release notes here. Not an Exact customer? Contact us today to schedule a demo.