Six Spectacular New Enhancements Inside Exact Globe

Six spectaular globe features.jpeg

Exact’s winter release redefines warehouse management for global operations by improving purchasing and accounting services for app users

Cabin fever doesn't slow down the innovators at Exact. They've been busy developing the latest warehouse management and customer relationship management software this winter. It’s just Q1 and Globe users are getting all of the software love.

We’ve examined the release notes and found our favorite six updates. So, let's get right into this feature review.


1. No More Time Wasted on Log-in Authentications

Of course, security is important to your data. Yet it's a hassle to deal with all the log-ins every single time your smart screen goes to sleep. Exact Globe is offering Federated Identity for manufacturers by supporting REST token based authentication. Employees won't have to provide their identity credentials each time. You gain additional security for your data, while employees can just log on and get to work.


2. Android Users Can Now Be Involved with Mobile WMS

App availability shouldn't force you to decide on which operating system to use with your mobile devices. And you shouldn’t have to be on Apple to get all the good features.

Exact Globe's WMS can now be fully used on Androids so you can check where deliveries are going and when supply shipments arrive. Swipe, click and easily use dashboards on smaller mobile device screens. Some features users will see:

  • Android app compatibility with tablets, PDAs and smartphones for better connectivity between all devices

  • App availability for industrial bar code scanners so data can be relayed from mobile devices to scanners

  • Extended digital warehouse features for faster pick/sort functions


3. Working with Other Software? There's Web Service Connectivity for That

Close the screen. The winter release clears the clutter on your desktop by no longer requiring multiple windows to be open. Exact Globe offers web services right in the software. You can combine your favorite software into the WMS for a seamless, digital work environment. (You did say you wanted to be more organized this year, right? Resolution achieved!)


4. Service Downtimes Won't Bring Your Productivity Down

Warehouses in multiple locations and countries will have their own service price lists, service engineers, contracts and work discounts offered. You no longer have to scroll through the information about each warehouse to find out which service engineer and contract applies to specific locations. You'll be able to find out what activities are under contract, add additional items or services to the order, and automatically find the warehouse that the service contractor is assigned to.


5. Avoid Playing Where's Waldo When Locating People, Places, and Things

Where are your employees? What work are they doing today? Are they making deliveries, unloading products, or picking orders? Exact Globe clears up all these uncertainties. They will update their products now and in the future with a Quick Search function located in the administrative tab. Type in the employee’s name and learn everything about them from current work roles to salaries.


6. Automatic Stocking Updates When Shelves Empty Out

Busy sales periods will have stock emptying off the shelves. Warehouse employees will waste time checking stock levels instead of filling orders. Exact's Globe Winter '19 release provides automation features to inform warehouse employees about inventory levels. Stocking jobs are sent directly to scanners so warehouse employees will know to send the item to the storefront and/or the correct shelf that holds the product.


The winter release brings ERP bliss

WMS automation has to extend into mobile areas instead of only being available on a centralized computer connected to the server. Exact Globe brings all the great things of warehouse management to mobile devices to keep employees efficient and productive. With Winter release ’19 Exact now enables you to manage every warehouse, everywhere, on a multitude of devices so the information is always available.

See all the updates in Exact’s Winter Release’19. And— if you’re ready to test drive Exact, book a demo today!