Exact Synergy Enterprise ConnectIT: The Glue That Brings Your Business Together

ConnectIT Increases Efficiency, Empowers Collaboration and Unlocks the Raw Power of Your Data

When your organization is struggling with outdated or soon-to-be-retired business software solutions, you're dealing with more than just a potentially frustrating (and expensive) end-of-life situation. There are a variety of different costs at play, some of which you may not even realize exist until it’s far too late.

  • At a certain point, your data only exists in silos - meaning that it can't be easily shared among the different portions of your enterprise. Essential insight is cut off from the people who need it the most and this only harms their ability to collaborate, not helps it.

  • This in turn harms communication among both employees and customers, creating a situation that is as frustrating as it is inconsistent for the latter.

  • Operational transparency is non-existent, because you're trying to "make due" with systems that were never designed to work together in the first place.

  • You have a complete lack of process automation, which means that employees are giving so much of their attention to routine, administrative (read: time-consuming) tasks that they don't have the hours in the day to focus on those initiatives that would actually propel your business forward.

  • The list goes on and on.

Taken in a vacuum, any one of these challenges would spell trouble for even the strongest organizations. Together, they represent technological disaster in the worst possible way.

At that point, you don't just need an alternative to your outdated business software. You need something that allows for a quick pivot at this critical moment in you organization's history and you need it right now.

Thankfully, that's exactly what ConnectIT for Exact Synergy Enterprise is designed to do.


A Modern Solution for the Modern Enterprise

At its core, ConnectIT for Exact Synergy Enterprise is a solution that allows your business to eliminate the headaches of working with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that doesn't solve your most pressing business issues.

But more than that, it's important to see ConnectIT for what it really is: an opportunity.

It's an opportunity for today's small and medium-sized businesses to bring their people, processes and technologies together. It's a chance to put IT to work for them, instead of the other way around.

It also represents the prospect of freeing yourself from the myth of the "one size fits all" approach to business software, both immediately and for all time.


The Power of ConnectIT: Breaking Things Down

As an add-on to Exact Synergy Enterprise, ConnectIT allows you to create a more complete business software solution that actually improves performance.

It does this in a variety of unique ways, including by:

  • Connecting and mapping your Exact Synergy Enterprise master data to all of your ERP and other financial systems, allowing your data (and the insight contained inside it) to break out of those silos once and for all.

  • Offering functionality that lets you create views and reports of ALL transactional data from your ERP solution, finally giving you access to the real-time insight you need to make the best and most informed decisions possible at all times.

  • Including an innovative rules-based engine that connects Exact Synergy with powerful tools like document management, social functionality and better, more sophisticated workflows. All of this gives the CEO and other c-suite professionals not only more visibility over the core functions of their business than ever before, but more CONTROL as well.

Older ERP systems don't tend to offer this functionality because they were never supposed to. You can try to customize everything, but all you really end up with is a variety of "workarounds" that make it more complicated for your employees to do their jobs, not more straightforward.

ConnectIT, on the other hand, eliminates mounting maintenance costs, enormous customization expenses and those staggering escalating service fees that older and expiring ERP systems are known for. It was built with the forethought to include ready-made integrations for some of the best ERPs on the market today.

What you're left with is a solution that can be deployed on top of any system - including SAP Business One and Acumatica - in a matter of hours, all without the need to write even a single line of additional code. (Read that again — hours, not days or weeks. How’s that for minimal downtime!)


Tomorrow's Business Software, Today

But in the end, the most important advantage that Exact Synergy Enterprise and ConnectIT bring to the table has to do with the evolution it can help trigger.

Your older or expiring business software may have worked well at the time - but it was selected to support an organization that doesn't really exist anymore. Your company is always evolving - growing bigger, better, stronger and faster. You need technology designed to support that - not "solutions" that do little more than hold you back, stifling innovation away.

Exact Synergy Enterprise and ConnectIT don't just make for a more seamless migration to a new business solution - they help you transition from the organization you were to the organization you're going to be in the most effective way possible.


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Kimberley Kelly