Rejoice: The Exact Autumn '19 Release Has Arrived


Scheduled improvements bring fresh features, more innovation, and on-trend tech tools for SMBs

At Exceptional Software Solutions, we understand that to dominate your market, you really need a workhorse-like ERP. Tapping into the power of Exact Software is a big part of the equation - which is why we're so excited to announce that the Exact Autumn '19 release has officially arrived.

Exact always makes an effort to push innovation to bring customers fresh features, and incredible new benefits each season - and this release is certainly no exception.

Exact Online is Now 'RGS Ready for Accountancy' Certified

Maybe the most exciting new improvement inside the Exact Autumn '19 release is also the one that will have the biggest impact for most users: Exact Online is now 'RGS Ready for Accountancy' Certified.

More than just a standardized format, this makes it easy to exchange financial data with other reporting software that you might be using — even tax software. This includes not only warehouse management systems like WiSys, but also custom-made software and other add-ons like ConnectIt from GLM Systems, ShipGear turnkey solutions that integrate with UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager, the KnowledgeSync business activity monitoring solution and many, many others.

Along the same lines, Exact has also made a number of additional enhancements that make it easier than to communicate and collaborate with customers. You can easily request and track missing information within the context of a bank journal entry, for example, alerting customers via e-mail or mobile push notification when you need more information from them. At that point, they can provide the missing information in My[FIRM] or in the mobile app!

Read more about Exact Online and its new 'RGS Ready For Accountancy' Certification

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Emboldened Digital Efficiency in Bookkeeping

Thanks to Exact's new customer account and receivable overview pages, there’s more insight at your disposal in this release. You’ll be able to see exactly how long it takes specific customers to pay invoices on average, along with other details that you may not have been aware of in the past.

The Autumn’19 release continues to reduce friction int the customer experience by introducing features that mirror their day to day personal eCommerce experiences.  Features like the ability to include a payment link right inside invoices and accept payments using Mollie, are exactly what customers want. And you know what the means for your business — faster, frictionless payments. Cha-ching!

Exact’s innovation team predicts these features alone will save firms up to 93% of the amount of time that it takes to reconcile the books - or up to 15 seconds per entry!

Exact: The immediate insight you need is just a mouse click away.


Payroll Improvements that Pay Off

Exact has always made key investments in "next-generation" payroll capabilities and now, the Autumn ‘19 release shows just how well they've started to pay off. It features a number of incredible innovations that all come together to make your payroll handling simpler, faster and more accurate than ever.

When maintaining salaries for individual employees, you can now set a start date at ANY point during the month. This is a great way to create more flexibility (not to mention visibility) into what is going on with your employee wages. You can use templates to import wage scales AND update important wage scale details - saving yourself a ton of manual work so that you can focus on those tasks that truly need you.

Get more control over your payroll capabilities than ever

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Digitizing Wholesale and Manufacturing: You Asked, Exact Answered

Are you tired of the office being surrounded by stacks of paper receipts and work orders? Exact was, too - and the Autumn ’19 release now features even more ways to stop killing trees by moving to a paperless environment.

You’ll now be able to view payment conditions for goods deliveries right in the Exact interface, for example. You can even add documents to serial and batch numbers for easy records keeping. Plus, you’ll be able to also view goods receipts for linked shop order materials, search and select items for purchasing based on a supplier code and can even take advantage of GLN support for electronic invoicing!  How’s that for digital documentation.

Embrace a perfect overview of your supply chain AND your customer needs.


Robust Roadmap Allows Predictable Product Updates

It's no secret that your requirements for what an ERP system needs to do are always changing. In the best-case scenario, it should be a solution that evolves naturally as your business does the same. That idea, in a nutshell, is why we're so excited about the Exact Autumn ‘19 release here at ESS and we think you will be, too.

There are legacy ERP systems out there that barely get bi-annual updates. They're still touting things like "responsive interface design" which, at this point, is very old news. You need more than just a solution that looks good on a smartphone. You need an ERP with a clear roadmap that, when paired with continuous and reliable updates, embraces how technology moves and supports what your business actually needs.

Exact has proven once again that they ARE the ERP you've been looking for, and the one you can finally put your faith in. With an Autumn release this impressive, we at ESS can't wait to see what they have in store for us all in 2020.

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Not running Exact?

No problem. We’re happy to help you transition from a legacy ERP to a modern business solution that not only works for your business but works the way your team needs and wants to. Drop us a note, send us a tweet or give us a call to book a demo.

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