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Part 2: Are You Trying to Steer An Old Ship Or A New Ship?

Dan Engle definitely knows about financial discipline. He has served in the roles of general manager, COO and CFO over his amazing 42-year career. He’s a CFO, Macola expert and marathon runner. In a part one of our conversation with Dan he outlined the organizational posture firms should take when purchasing an ERP system. In this post Dan shares insight on why they should and advice on ensuring both a successful implementation and “organizational love” aka software adoption.

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Part 1 – Command and Control

American Torch didn’t have ERP functionality when Dan arrived at firm. The company had been using the Open Source Accounting System (OSAS) for 17 years, and it did not have control of their business. Dan was hired to bring it under control, and one of the first things he did was implement Macola 10 with the help of the #1 Macola Channel Partner in North America, Exceptional Software Solutions, LLC. 

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