What’s Ahead for your ERP Technology?


Your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a powerful tool that allows your business to transform the way business is done. Integrating data from across your organization improves the way your business operates, improves communication and delivers better business outcomes. It’s a tool that very much is focused on your present. But how is your ERP helping to drive outcomes for your future?

It’s a question you should be asking your ERP provider. Your provider should answer you within one communication that’s clear, and shows specific scheduled tech improvements software. In this blog, we share four important reasons that you and your team should know about whats coming ahead, and three providers who can confidently answer tough roadmap questions.


WHAT’s On YOUR ERP Roadmap?

Your roadmap is essential no matter what your role within your business. No matter the role, your ERP roadmap will give you information about how to construct your future planning and strategic direction.

Without a clear sense of your ERP roadmap, it’s difficult to create your company’s own roadmap. That can leave your business in the dark about how and when to invest in new technologies, pursue new market segments or focus on new initiatives and strategies.

You should expect to see an ERP roadmap that details product enhancements, changes, operational improvements and new tools.


How Do ERP Roadmaps Affect Senior-Level Decision-Making and Planning?

If you’re a c-suite executive, you understand the correlation between strategic initiatives and resources. Securing those resources is necessary for your teams to work on critical objectives intended to grow your business.

The ERP roadmap, delivered well in advance of your planning cycle, helps you shape the work that will inform your company’s approach to achieving new business goals.


HOW DOES OuR ERP roadmap imPact our power users?

The ERP roadmap is particularly essential for the power users in your organization – your IT and accounting teams. Accounting staff likely use your ERP to perform critical day-to-day tasks such as accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger. Without advanced information about what changes may affect these critical functions, they cannot plan and adapt accordingly.

Similarly, IT teams are often responsible for the setup, configuration and maintenance of your ERP solution. Changes to table values, user access, security protocols and updates have a ripple effect throughout the IT stack. There may be changes necessary for the ERP system itself. There are also possible implications for the integration of your ERP solution with other software applications.


How Will an ERP Roadmap Affect Our Regular and Infrequent System Users?

The critical operational and strategic impacts are important considerations when choosing the right ERP. So too are the needs of the day-to-day and occasional users. Often updates included in an ERP product roadmap include changes to how employees do regular and repeatable work. There may be shortcuts, new functionality or other changes that your users will need to understand well before the upgrades are fully deployed.

At each level of the organization, there are important reasons why having an ERP roadmap is essential.



best in class erp technologies with robust roadmaps

Now that you know the critical importance of an ERP Roapmap, here is a closer look at recent and upcoming product roadmap improvements from three leading ERP providers. In each case, these advancements improve functionality, boost efficiency and add value to existing and new customers


In March 2019, Acumatica released its first of two annual upgrades. The early 2019 upgrade focused on three areas – the general platform, general business apps and industry-specific solutions:

General Platform Improvements

  • Highlighting inquiries in rows and columns based on customized conditions

  • Improved help search that uses machine learning to deliver more accurate results

  • Links that can be added to attachments that are already stored in the system

  • User-defined fields that allow users to add fields to a form without asking for help from a programmer

  • A progress bar for long-running processes

  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure secure access

  • New free end-user training on all aspects, from reporting to system administration

General Business Application Improvements

  • Predefined currencies and exchange rates

  • Functions for businesses with multiple entities with different fiscal calendars

  • Ability to recognize revenue from customer contracts

  • Credit card processing improvements for greater regulatory compliance and security

Industry-Specific Application Improvements

  • Warehouse management that includes picking, packaging, putting away and physical counting with a bar code scanner

  • Location tracking for service personnel in the field


Exact Business Software

The Exact Globe ERP product launched improvements in early 2019 that included:

  • Cost containment tools for procurement with control at each phase, from requests to purchase to delivery to invoice payment

  • Warehouse management enhancements that send jobs to handheld scanners and helps workers see what needs to be replenished where

  • A new version of the warehouse app on Android for scanners and support for Android-operated tablets, smartphones or PDAs

  • Federated identity management to simplify authentication processes

  • New service management features that let service techs add discounts on the fly and connect orders to the right warehouse based on the technician


SAP Business One

SAP provides continuous upgrades for its cloud-based solution and mobile apps. The company offers a detailed roadmap with feature enhancements projected through 2024. The upcoming high-level innovations include:

Scalability and operability improvements including a billing wizard, petty cash functionality, integration with Microsoft Office 365 and branch-specific period-ending closings

  • Compliance and globalization advances such as legal compliance tools that can be applied generically or locally, enhanced electronic document frameworks and external sales tax functionality using API

  • Analytics enhancements including predefined reporting using Crystal Reports

  • Coordination with recent advancements to Microsoft Excel

  • A new mobile app for sales and service


Get to know the road ahead

You need a solution that gives you the roadmap to drive better business results. At Exceptional Software Solutions, we help companies find the right ERP solution to meet their unique needs. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the vendors, products and features. And— we’re only a text, email or phone call away. We’re happy to help with questions, advice and insight. Give a us shout today for to start a conversation.