Does your IT stack sometime feel like Frankenstein’s monster?


The challenge is that the software you've already bought often isn't doing the job in the way you need it to. Rather than investing in a completely new technology stack, your business should consider customized software development.

Sure, you have a world-class ERP. But you need more. Your business also needs technologies that are integrated, deliver the data insights you need and can scale as your company expands into new markets. If your tech is a combination of disparate technologies that are poorly integrated and do not give you the functionality your business needs, it’s time to tame the monster and finally make the impossible possible.

Eight ways custom apps make your technology and your employees work better


1.System Integration

Many businesses have developed processes that work around software packages that are poorly integrated, if at all. Customized applications can help connect the disconnected building digital bridges between software tools that result in more efficient processes, improved data sharing and more collaboration among employees, customers, suppliers and partners.


2. Cost Savings

With customized software, you won't have to pay ongoing licensing fees or for features that are often embedded in commercial software in order to jack up the price. Customization gives you ownership of the product and its use.


3. More Functionality

Customization gives you the ability to add the functions that are lacking or not working in the way you want them to. By building add-ons, plug-ins, middleware, companion software or integrations, you can add functionality to your enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) or electronic data integration (EDI) solutions.


4. Better Mobile and Web Solutions

If your company relies on e-commerce, you need a solution that attracts customers, gives them an exceptional buying experience and encourages them to make a purchase. You also need mobile solutions that deliver the same experiences on smartphones and tablets. Creating websites and apps using responsive design principles lets you improve the way customers and employees interact.

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5. Improved Productivity

When software apps don't do what you need them to do, it usually means more work for employees. That means additional data entry (which can lead to more errors), time-consuming workarounds or delays in gaining access to data and insights. With customized software development, you can provide your employees with tools that let them work smarter, faster and more accurately. You can have employees work on more critical tasks related to company growth and profitability.


6. Scalability

As your business grows, you need solutions that can accommodate that expansion. With commercial software apps, you are at the mercy of their product development plan, with schedules and enhancements that may not align with what you need and when you need it. You need a solution that is built to adapt to changes without having to buy, install and configure a completely new solution ... and train your employees. When you partner with a software development company that understands your business and its needs, you can work to adjust and refine customized software as your business evolves.

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7. Competitive Advantage

The challenges that your business is facing are unlikely to be unique. Your competitors are likely dealing with the same needs. Who will gain a competitive advantage? It's likely to be the company that is able to identify those challenges and to solve them faster than anyone else. That's where customized software provides a decided benefit, allowing your company to differentiate itself in your industry and markets.


8. Better Supply Chain Results

Manufacturers and other companies often rely on transparent and efficient supply chain operations. Without a clear sense of what's happening with vendors, products, customers, operations, inventory and transportation, your business is losing an opportunity. Customized software gives you the chance to improve supply chain integrations and drive efficiency.

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We can help you tame the monster

Choosing the right partner for customized software development is an important decision. At Exceptional Software Solutions, our developers and engineers have years of experience building software that improves manufacturing outcomes. We connect world-class ERPs connecting a variety of third-party integrations including Adaptive Data, Alinco, Avalara, Century Business Solutions, Data Masons, Exact, Forecast PRO, LYNQ, Nomad and SAP.

If your ERP or CRM isn’t delivering everything you need, look to Exceptional Software Solutions for customized app development to add more capabilities to the leading business software solutions you need for better business results.