Exact Synergy ConnectIT brings with it a wide range of different features an organization like yours cannot afford to ignore. In addition to a view and report builder that allows you to present transactional information from ERP platforms, but you also get workflow, document management and social interaction - all under one roof.


Connectit Benefits: Breaking things down

Exact Synergy ConnectIT is a tool built from the ground up to help not only streamline your workflows, but to also replace those manual, unsecured and time-consuming processes with an environment built for security, roles and rules-based access.

With that subtle-yet-critical shift, organizational leaders are finally in a better position to CONTROL access to data in a way dictated by the situation, NOT by limitations in their current systems.

But more than that, they can finally empower collaboration in a way that drives the business forward. Employees, managers and everyone in between can store, see and share their work – all in a real-time way.

Everyone will finally have the visibility needed to understand EVERY aspect of a business, regardless of how frequently those elements may change.

Imagine the possibilities of a single tool that allowed you to accomplish all this and more.


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Features of connectit

  • Exact Synergy ConnectIT is a single tool built to organize and automate all documents, quotes, invoices, phone calls, customer histories and more.

  • All of this is secured by way of sophisticated security measures that include roles and rules-based access. The only people who will have access to data are those that expressly need it to do their jobs.

  • Organizational employees can manipulate hundreds of pre-defined, real-time report views or create their own based on whatever they’re trying to accomplish.

  • Exact Synergy ConnectIT sits atop the rock-solid technological foundation that our other tools – Exact HRM, CRM and BPM – are built on.




Sooner or later, a critical piece of software going away is something that all c-suite professionals have to deal with. One minute, it works perfectly well and the next, it’s woefully inadequate. But transitioning to a new ERP product DOESN’T have to be a business problem. Under the right circumstances, it can be a business OPPORTUNITY – and that is precisely the type of value that Exact Synergy with ConnectIt provides.

ConnectIT is already utilized in a wide range of different industries, thanks in no small part to the level of flexibility it brings with it. Finally, organizational leaders have a highly extensible workflow management system that can be tailored to meet the needs of the end user and even the most unusual of business process management challenges – rather than forcing those end users to change the way they like to work to make up for the architecture of the tool in front of them.

But more than that, it’s a way to both connect and map master data to commonly used ERP and financial applications, with all of the pre-packaged integrations you need for solutions like SAP Business One and Acumatica ERP. In the end, ConnectIT is a tool designed to make sure that your technology finally works for you, instead of the other way around.