Applications that make software systems better

We build customized applications that make technology work better for your business. Our solutions connect systems, extend and enhance software, strengthen partnerships, manage complexity, empower your employees, and serve your customers better.




Let our applications connect your software programs and business systems, eliminating the silos in your company because tools don’t “talk” to each other. We build bridges that strengthen internal relationships and build better connections with suppliers, customers and service providers through automation, better use of business rules, reporting and analytics.

Need to integrate your ERP with Salesforce, Vertex or Avalara? Our app developers can help you connect to software systems of major suppliers, customers and other third parties.

If your business needs have outgrown the legacy systems, use our solutions to take advantage of new technologies, eliminate manual data entry and other processes, and simplify business complexity.

Software Enhancements

What’s on your wish list? When you need to get more from your software, let us build the add-ons to your ERP for special manufacturing needs, data validation, policy enforcement or quality assurance.

We can add additional functions to leading ERP, CRM, EDI, document scanning and supply chain management software from Acumatica, Exact, Data Masons, Kofax and many others. Whether it’s add-ons, plug-ins, companion software, customizations, middleware or business alerts, we can add more capabilities that make your software more valuable and effective.



Web and Mobile Solutions

Do you need an e-commerce solution or a web portal? Is your internal intranet in need of some improvements? Need a mobile app for your customers? We build web apps and portals that help you sell and serve customers better. Our apps are built with responsive design so they work on all types of devices.

If you need apps for your desktop computers or mobile users, let us give you better visibility and credibility with your customers.

Full Service Solutions

We take pains to understand your business requirements completely. We want to know what’s not working and what business outcomes you’re looking for. Our process is collaborative to make sure we make the right solution for you that needs your business needs.

Our team has experience not just with writing software, but working in manufacturing for years. We understand the challenges of running a complex business and the need for processes that work.

We are a full stack developer with knowledge of a wide array of tools and technologies. And once your solution goes live, we’re there with you with documentation, minor adjustments and employee education.

Whether you need better response times, regulatory compliance mandates, more business intelligence, streamlined processes or fewer operating costs, let our custom apps give your business a competitive edge.