Wednesday, January 10, 2019

Exceptional service continues

ECi and reseller community reach agreement which allows all customers to keep their relationship with their channel partner


On January 8, 2018 ECi sent a letter welcoming you to the ECi Manufacturing family as a new ‘direct’ customer. While that is technically true, here’s what that means.  All customers are now ‘direct’ customers, as there is no longer a need to call a customer a ‘reseller’ customer or a ‘direct’ customer.  

As we have said from the beginning of October, we’re going to be right here, working with our customers. Our customers prior to 10/1 remain our customers today and into the future. Our customers have always been ‘mutual’ customers of both the ERP companies and the reseller who worked with you, sold you the product as well as the services to make it work. Our customers have had the option of working with Macola, Exact and now directly with ECi.  That has always been true and will continue to be true.

We’ve always taken the position that if we aren’t doing the job working with you, we deserve to lose you. Fortunately, that’s not been an issue in 25 years. We’ll be here working with you to make your current ERP product better, advising on what third-party products are available to extend your system, providing the same professional services gained by working with you for 25 years, and now even more clear about what your options are to evaluate other products as you plan your go-forward strategies.

ECi and Exceptional Software Solutions LLC will soon provide you a joint communication that should clear up the recent confusion about what services we can provide to you.  We encourage you to read that carefully and then call us with any questions you may have.

You no doubt will continue to have questions.  After the joint announcement, we will be in touch about other changes that will affect the day to day way in which we do business together and should close up most of those questions.
We are excited about those changes and how they will build value in your organization and strengthen our partnership.  We are thrilled by the arrival of 2019, the options that we all have and the freshness in which we’ll be able to approach our mutual goals.