Exact Globe Next is designed to bring together all aspects of your business’ operations, replacing islands of information and uniting them into a single, organizationwide system. 

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Exact Globe: Finance and Administration

Behind every great company is the efficient management of all standard financial and administrative processes. Exact Globe integrates these core tasks, forming a backbone for all transactions arising from production, logistics and sales functions. This gives you a single, traceable financial and administrative reality at all times, generating dramatic new reporting possibilities.



Exact Globe: Logistics

Within the logistics process, information is power. The power to evolve and improve your supply chain by optimizing your item management, procurement and warehousing helps you to deliver on your customer promises. Whether you have one warehouse or a whole network, Exact Globe gives you the critical information necessary to manage all sites and activities from a central platform.

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Exact Globe: Manufacturing and Planning

Operational success depends on deep knowledge, relentless quality and on-time delivery. Exact Globe helps to achieve this with detailed planning for an extensive range of manufacturing and service-based processes. Within this process, you coordinate all variables and components in advance. This gives you more power than ever to produce, service and deliver on time and on budget.



Exact Globe: Customer Service

Effective customer service depends on seamless interaction between your external and internal worlds. Exact Globe integrates these two worlds with a wide suite of options for customer-facing activities such as pricing, quoting, order management and invoice management. As you deploy these solutions you will increase customer satisfaction and retention through faster, more flexible, and more pro-active levels of service.