Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Here we grow—again!


I’ve got big news!

Effective, August 1, 2019, I’ll be taking on a new role at Exceptional Software Solutions, LLC. I’m stepping up to become the Chairman of the Board and President Emeritus.

In my new role as Chairman and President Emeritus, I’ll be working behind the scenes on the long-term strategic direction of our firm. I’m really excited to make this transition because it gives me an opportunity to finally tackle some long overdue projects and initiatives that I’ve really wanted to dive head-first into.

And that brings me to what happens day-to-day; which is even more exciting for me, our team and all of our customers.

  1. Day-to-day service, maintenance and all customer projects/upgrades in progress do not and will not change. The same team you’ve relied on for years, the one who knows your firm, system and why it’s configured the way it is, remains in place. That’s right; continue to call on Pat, Frank, Leslie or Biji just like always. Simply put, there will be NO CHANGE in Macola-related services provided by this team.

  2. We’re adding an industry superhero to our team. I’m pleased to announce that Mike Oswalt will be taking over day-to-day administrative aspects of the firm in a new role, as Chief Operating Officer. Beyond this, Mike will be involved in bringing new products and services to our customers. However, neither he nor any other new resources will be participating in any Macola-related services. Our current team will continue to perform that work.

Mike’s an industry veteran who many of you know and a very good friend. His energy and enthusiasm is going to help Exceptional Software Solutions LLC deliver on some major asks of our customer community.

Mike’s a fierce customer advocate. As our new, Chief Operating Officer Mike’s going to help us accelerate service and response times from third-party companion solution vendors, quicken ERPs transition projects, which you’ve asked for, and deploy custom code projects faster to unleash your ERP system’s full potential.

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC was founded with a vision. The vision centered around our customers and quality of service to those customers. We’re making these team changes to continue our commitment to our core mission.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be reaching out to ensure any of your questions are addressed and to properly introduce you to Mike. Please look out for a meeting request from me.

More very soon,

Tod Replogle, President

Exceptional Software Solutions LLC