A "MOM" to NUrTURE Your Facility

Future-proof your operation and get ready for industry 4.0 with our friends at LYNQ.

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LYNQ is a global provider of manufacturing execution system (MES) software for small to midsize manufacturers across a variety of industries. The company provides Smart Manager MOM/MES, a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution that helps extend and enrich existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Production Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems so that companies can quickly and easily create an MES that meets their specific industry requirements.

Smart Manager MOM/MES is ideal for small to midsize manufacturers in job shop, batch job, production line and mixed-mode environments. 

This All-in-One solution includes:

  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling

  • Shop Floor Data Collection & Tracking

  • Factory Digitization & Automation

  • Factory Performance & Loss Management

  • Factory Collaboration & Paperless Shop

Making use of the latest technologies, Smart Manager MOM/MES provides a modern and intuitive browser-based user interface, allowing you to operate from any device, anywhere, at any time.




Smart Manager MOM/MES extends native ERP functionality in the area of manufacturing operations management. The solution is a single web-based platform that is easy to install and quick to deploy. It provides support to achieve a complete manufacturing life cycle — planning, scheduling, publishing, collecting, tracking and analyzing — to optimize and improve end-to-end manufacturing operations within many leading ERPs.

Once it is implemented fully and used live, management teams see considerable improvements in the way firms are managing operations. Most are finally able to fully understand where the losses are coming from and take action to reduce losses and improve margins. 



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