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Get to know our custom applications technical expert


meet “BIJI”

When customers have complex system integration needs, we call upon our lead engineer, Bijimon “Biji” Manjaly. A technical programmer and business analyst by training, Biji brings deep technical chops and business acumen to the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC team. He has a wide range of ERP experiences which truly helps customers get so much more from their existing software. Customers rave about his ability to create, design and implement smart custom software solutions.

A lifelong learning, Biji is always on the hunt to find better ways to do work well. He finds problem solving as a form of continuous learning and says that’s what makes software development an intellectually satisfying profession.

Team #Manjaly loves a family vacation. They recently took over Disney! Meet Thushara, Bji’s wife and their two children, Matthew and Maria.

Team #Manjaly loves a family vacation. They recently took over Disney! Meet Thushara, Bji’s wife and their two children, Matthew and Maria.

Tell us a little about the new custom application design service.

Our expanded service helps businesses get the most out of their systems, software and processes. Whether that’s a system integration, software enhancement or web solution, our full stack development capabilities can meet your business requirements.

Here’s an example; recently we had a customer who needed more robust reporting capability. (That’s a common requirement for us.) We built a “bridge” that allowed the customer to not only have a fancy dashboard, but the solution also automated the creation and distribution of reports using SSRS and Crystal Reports so that information could be shared seamlessly across the business. In other cases, we connected third-party applications like Salesforce, Avalara and others to erps like Exact, Acumatica and SAP One.

Each solution is custom to your organizations needs and use cases. Our team will work with yours to design the best possible solution using our 10 step process. Just bring us the problem. It’s likely we’ve solved it or one very similar. And— we’ll work together to bring about the best technical fit to overcome it. Schedule a conversation with us here.

What's your best advice for ERP users?

ERP software is like any other tool. Learn to use it well. Learn its features and figure out innovative ways of using those features to your advantage. Accessorize when needed. Seek out help from experts. Recognize when you need more than it can provide. Let an expert help you supercharge its weak areas and adapt its features for your needs. Prime it to a point where it can deal smoothly with the expected and the routine, allowing you to focus on the exceptional and leaving you with time and insight to focus on growth.

What is favorite feature of Exact Software?            

I like the completeness of what Exact offers. Everything a medium sized business needs in a competitively priced package. And I love the fact, Globe and synergy comes with full stack of entity services you can use to integrate it easily with other "best of breed" software products in the cloud or on premise . In the hands of experts, Exact software products are a versatile platform around which solutions can be built to address every conceivable need in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

What's your best piece of advice for a company looking to implement and ERP system?

Don't look at price and brand name alone. Getting good and timely expert services is an important factor on how well the ERP works for your business. The people you have access to matters a lot. With a relatively small organization like ESS, you deal with the same small group of people over and over. You get to know them at a personal level and they go out of their way to continuously earn the trust and faith you bestow on them. They understand and live by the same small-business-owner ethos as you do.

What is your favorite way of spending the weekend?  

In the summer, out door activities with family and friends. In winter, every Friday night, the entire family huddles on the couch for family movie night.

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?         

The finger lakes area in New York state. Quiet , peaceful and picturesque. And with wineries all around. What more could one ask for?