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Frank Ezinga

Get to know our resident Canadian ERP Expert


meet Frank Ezinga

Since 1993 Frank Ezinga has been working with ERPs.  He's seen a lot in that time and possesses a wealth of knowledge about how SMBs can truly get the most out of their Macola and Exact ERP systems. 

When he's not working with ERP clients, he's actively involved in making beautiful music. Frank is a highly accomplished organist! He studied organ, piano and music theory under Jaap Zwart in The Netherlands. He followed additional classes with Anton Pauw.  He's even been instrumental in the development of a new hymn book and the liturgy that's being used in Canadian churches today!  




Frank loves making music and playing the keyboards.

Frank loves making music and playing the keyboards.

What's your best advice for ERP users?

Use the software to make your life better – it is designed to do that!

What is favorite feature of Exact Software?            

The integral and real-time integration between Globe and Synergy amazes me still.

What's your best piece of advice for a company looking to implement and ERP system?

An ERP system is an integral part of your business – treat is like a partnership. If you would have any concerns: talk about it – key to a good partnership. A mature ERP system can grow with you for life.

What is your favorite way of spending the weekend?  

Touching my other keyboards and make music for 500+ people each weekend.

What is your favorite sport?         

Sitting behind a keyboard requires some physical and mental balance, which I found in Taekwondo. Now a black belt, trying to keep up with my son, including tournaments, allows me to tackle the consulting projects from a different perspective.