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Nick Danza - Senior Consultant


meet Nick Danza

Nick Danza's the man to talk with when it comes to learning how to use Macola for outside development. When he isn't in the office reminding clients to back up their sites, he is enjoying rocking out to old school tunes and spending time with the family.





Best Advice for ERP Users & Companies Implementing an ERP System?

There are three tips I would like to share. First, backup everything. Second, backup everything. And third, make sure to back up off site. Oh, and keep your software current. With current software, you'll have the latest patches and enhancements. Lastly, companies should find a complete team to handle all your ERP needs. Like us! šŸ˜Š

Best Feature of Macola or Exact Software?            

I am a big fan of using SQL for a database. It makes Macola flexible for outside development. That said, I'm a big fan of Wisys.

Best Spotify or Pandora Channel to listen to at Work?

Everybody listens to Spotify and Pandora these day. Iā€™m old school. I listen to the radio and my iTunes.

Best Way to Celebrate Halloween & Thanksgiving (and any favorite recipes)?  

During both holidays, just hanging out with the family and seeing all the kids makes life worthwhile.

Best Place to Go on a Vacation and Why?         

The absolute best vacation ever is Vegas Baby! And if you have ever been to Vegas, then no explanation is needed.