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pat carrick - senior consultant

Get to know our ERP and custom reporting guru


meet pat

Pat Carrick is our Senior ERP and Reporting Consultant. She started using ERP software back in 1987 when she was a company controller.

She's been a huge advocate of ERP technology for more than 30 years. Sure, business has changed since then and that's one more reason why Pat is such a valuable asset to clients across the country. She's tackled some of the most complex ERP implementations and in truly has the "been there, done that" experience SMBs need.

Pat is a wealth of wisdom. Clients around the country simply adore her. We had the pleasure of having her as a guest blogger on the ERP Answers Blog last year. So it was no wonder that she broke the blog; racking up a record number of reads, shares and comments.  


Best Advice for ERP Users & Companies Implementing an ERP System?

Good Housekeeping - review and clean up your data.Check out the article she wrote on the topic.

Best Feature of Exact Software?        

The best feature by far in Exact is the export of data to Excel for review. If you’re not using it, let me the first to let you know that it will change your life! Try it!

What's your best piece of advice for a company looking to implement and ERP system?          

I always tell clients to really analyze your pain points and be sure your choice can help ease them. And- don’t just pick the software. Also pick your team. The consultants you choose are probably more important than the software itself.    

Best Way to Enjoy a Weekend

The best way to enjoy the summer, especially in California is relaxing in the pool.

Best Place to Go on a Vacation 

If you haven’t been on cruise, what are you waiting for? You’ve gotta go. I love the Caribbean and the sea days. It’s total relaxation.

What's your favorite way to celebrate Thanksgiving? (Got a favorite recipe?)

I’m known in the family for my turkey in the Orion cooker.