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Tammy louzon - senior consultant

Get to know the Queen of ERP Customization


meet tammy

With decades of ERP experience, the ESS Customer Community now has access to one of the best minds in ERP technology when it comes to customization of their software.

Tammy brings a wealth of knowledge, educator experience, and has the technical programming background SMBs desire. She’s worked with numerous ERP systems and third-party companion solutions which allows her to be a true solution architect with a customer-first approach.


Tammy driving the cart is from a Walmart in Tennessee.

Tammy driving the cart is from a Walmart in Tennessee.

Best Advice for ERP Users & Companies Implementing an ERP System?

Keep your data clean. Deactivate customers/items/etc. that are no longer valid. Review your operating procedures on a yearly basis to see if they can be streamlined. If you're only doing something because "We've always done it that way" and you don't know WHY, then ask the question. Perhaps you don't need to be doing that any more.

What is favorite feature of Exact, Acumatica or SAP Business One Software?        

My favorite features of the software are the customizations, of course!

What's your best piece of advice for a company looking to implement and ERP system?          

When looking for an ERP system, choose the one that best lines up with your business processes. Every business has its own unique needs and ways of doing things. Although the methods might change with new software, the needs of your business must be satisfied.  

Best Way to Enjoy a Weekend

My favorite way of spending the weekend is camping with family and friends.

Best Place to Go on a Vacation 

My favorite place to vacation is anywhere I can go with my family - often camping. It is the company you keep rather than the destination that is most important. Every year, we try to do a family trip somewhere. I think the thing I love most about it, is the look on the faces of my kids/grand kids as they see experience things they have never seen or done before and will remember forever. For me, that is the best vacation.

What's your favorite way to celebrate Thanksgiving? (Got a favorite recipe?)

We go camping for the Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family, then slip away for Thanksgiving dinner with family. It makes for a very busy weekend, but a lot of fun, too.