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Tod Replogle - President

From business strategy and solution design to sales and technical expertise, our very own chief has deep chops in ERP solutions


meet Tod Replogle

He’s our leader and visionary. He’s also a huge Patriots fan— but don’t hold that against him.

President of Exceptional Software Solutions, LLC. Tod Replogle is a advocate, friend and partner to the SMB community. With more than two decades of experience in the trenches, Tod knows how an ERP solution can transform a business, accelerate it’s growth and help it yield healthy profits year after year.

He’s a super busy guy, yet always takes time to help customers, colleagues and friends when they need business or software consulting advice. He’s frequently quoted in our press releases, around the ERP software community and on our blog; providing the answers to companies looking for easier ways to streamline their business processes.  



Tod is a foodie! Check him out running a 5K with barbeque in hand. #StandUp2Cancer #NightNationRunATL

Tod is a foodie! Check him out running a 5K with barbeque in hand. #StandUp2Cancer #NightNationRunATL

Best Advice for ERP Users & Companies Implementing an ERP System?

ERP users should embrace the change and see the benefits. Companies need to be involved in all facets of the project and have an internal project manager to work with the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC project manager. This strategy will ensure greater success.          

Best Online Magazine for ERP users?             

I think the best place for ERP users to learn about Exact, Acumatica and SAP One ERP solutions along with companion products is hands-down the Exceptional Software Solutions LLC BLOG. Are you subscribed to it?

BEST WAY to WORK Hard and Play Harder?

You’ve got to stay in shape. I’m a crossfit guy. It keeps the blood pumping and ideas flowing. Try it!

Best Spotify or Pandora Channel to listen to at Work?    

Anything playing classic rock.

Best iPhone or Android productivity app?  

The health app on my iPhone.


The world of work is going remote. There’s lots of research out there that encourages company leaders to embrace it. At Exceptional Software Solutions, LLC we have and it has made our team stronger, more nimble and able to respond to customer needs even faster.

Beyond team calls, one thing I recommend is getting in field and visiting your team. Last year, I traveled to see almost everyone on our team at least once. Doing so helped us strengthen our bonds, share a few laughs and work together in person on ideas and plans for the upcoming quarter and year.

Don’t be afraid travel to your team, Don’t let budget or ‘being busy' stop you either. I think the “face-time” will make a real difference in trust, collaboration and customer success for your team. It has for us.

Best Way to Celebrate Halloween & Thanksgiving (and any favorite recipes)?

We are really into costume parties for Halloween. Barb and I rocked some outfits in the past! Anyone remember KISS?As for Thanksgiving, we celebrate by being thankful while enjoying the fellowship of family. We spend the day eating, watching the games with family, and rubbing it in when the Cowboys lose!


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