Say hello to your new mobile workforce-Maintenance Techs

Automate field-service and preventive maintenance requests with our friends at MSI Data.

Automate the entire operation—including field service and preventative equipment maintenance.  

MSI Data is the maker of ServicePro software, an enterprise application for automated field-service management. ServicePro provides manufacturers, distributors and other asset-intensive service enterprises with the cloud application they need to translate IoT-connected machine health and maintenance data into field service.

ServicePro provides an all-in-one management suite when you need to know which types of service parts your equipment requires, whether the parts are under contract and if your warehouse has the spare parts available. Once your spare parts inventory management is squared away, you can then have service technicians perform thorough inspections of equipment in the facility by filling out inspection checklists on their mobile apps, which can be instantly sent to the desired supervisors and other personnel.



Service pro works inside your macola erp

Able to fully integrate with Macola 10 ERP, MSI Data’s ServicePro is a manufacturing service and repair software designed for SMB manufacturers and distributors so they can turn their maintenance technicians into a mobile workforce, a workforce that can schedule maintenance tasks, update spare parts inventory, obtain instant maintenance change orders, perform inspections and do other tasks whether they are in the office or out in the field.

Technicians are carrying parts, tools and everything else they need to complete the job. ServicePro’s work-order management software allows technicians to pull up the service repair information right on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Technicians can update the order information with detail of the work they provided, parts that were used and any follow-up repair details. Then they can instantly send this information to the office so that the supervisor can review service performance. The software also allows real-time data sharing that can be used to improve repair and maintenance services provided by the technicians as well as monitor inventory levels of spare parts so more can be ordered when supplies run low.



ServicePro Resources

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