ERP+Ecommerce = repeat orders

Encourage repeat shoppers with an up-to-date, information rich, easy-to-use online ordering experience with our friends for Sniperdyne. 

Combine ERP with Ecommerce Effortlessly

Want to create efficiencies that will keep product prices in check and customers loyal? Have you considered adding e-commerce to your ERP? It’s one of the ways savvy small and midsize businesses are able to better manage internal operations on the digital side while minimizing the need for customer and technical support tickets and phone calls.

Our friends at Sniperdyne are the makers of Nomad e-commerce software that allows small to midsize manufacturers and distributors to compete on a large scale. With this integration, your ERP will become the hub that vendors can rely on to put their customers first and keep them coming back for more.



nomad software works inside your erp

Nomad’s built-in content management system (CMS) allows vendors to easily create, update and administer their e-commerce sites without the need for formal web design experience. Built to directly integrate with virtually any ERP software—at a fraction of the time and cost of other custom-integrated solutions.

This integration and synchronization of data between e-commerce and your ERP eliminates the need for vendors to manually reenter customer data, order data and item data, and it exposes valuable information to e-commerce website users, including item availability, pricing, order status, shipping status, payment information and more.

With full control over design and search engine optimization, vendors achieve a unique, branded website experience while offering the valuable information that helps to keep customers on the website longer and encourages repeat visits any time, day or night.