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More than 10,000 companies chose integrated ERP shipping solutions from our friends at V-Technologies.

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V-Technologies is a leading provider of integrated shipping software solutions. They are the makers of ShipGear software. Considered “middleware”, ShipGear creates a bridge between your accounting and order entry system and the shipping systems.  The solution provide the link between ERP, accounting and business applications and the warehouse resulting in faster, more efficient, shipment processing as well as front office visibility.

ShipGear supports all orders, customers and allows users to easily switch between multiple companies. Other features include:

  • Plug and play interface or custom configuration

  • Proper translation of accounting field values "as-is" for proper translation i.e. ship via or terms

  • Automatic shipment notifications to the email address associated with the order

  • Custom defined tipping detail that goes back to the order

  • And more



Shipgear works inside your ERP SOFTWARE

ShipGear  provides turnkey interfaces to UPS and FedEx that are designed to make shipping more efficient, reduce errors and streamline the workflow for accounts receivable and customer service. ShipGear transparently connects your carrier system to your erp software, giving you live, accurate shipping information instantly.

ShipGear can also write the freight charges and tracking information back to your erp orders. This eliminates the need to re-key data resulting in more efficient, faster processing.  The system also automatically updates the order with postage + handling fees, tracking numbers and shipment details. Branded emails, customizable freight rules and a central dashboard round out the feature list.



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